I Am A Survivor - Putting These Tears to Work

The Story

From a youngster, I couldn't pass a homeless person without giving money, buying a meal or buying what the person requested. If I tried to walk away and go about my business, there was always and still today, a tug at my heart to go back & help.

In my later years, I took it further and took time to talk to a person who I saw everyday in front of my place of employment in Manhattan. One of my former colleagues and friend new this about me and said when we move to this location, what are you going to do? There are a good number of homeless people in this area. I said I wasn't sure, but I would figure it out and I did. 

The person I saw everyday, I gave him one dollar once a week I saw him  (And if I missed a/wk, I gave him two dollars the next time.) and the others I saw, I did the same.  We began to develop a relationship, he told me about his life and I shared Christ with him. Just before Covid 19, we were going to start a bible study, but Covid happened and I never saw him again. I hope our time together made a difference in his life. 

In my adult years, I learned God gave me a heart of compassion, it wasn't enough to just give, but to help make a difference on higher level.

I also learned about human trafficking at an awareness event and I cried just as I have for the mission trip workshops I attended. 

One would of thought I was at a funeral for the loss of a loved one, tears just flowed like a river, my heart ached for these situations. 

I've always known in my heart I would make a difference, but didn't know how and when it would manifest. In small ways, I have through the years, but those weren't and isn't enough for me...

I realize today, this wasn't going to happen until I was out of the marriage I was in. I'm a survivor of Domestic Violence, I was in a verbally and psychologically abusive marriage for 21 years. 

Sad to say I was in it for so long, but I'm here, I survived. I went into the relationship with low-self esteem and came out of it with a healthy self-esteem.

I'm a live, mentally and emotionally stable and free. What should of broke me, didn't, what should of put me in a mental institution, didn't, what could of had me in prison, didn't, by the Grace of God, I'M HERE, I AM A SURVIVOR.

What happened for me to know the time is now? It was the very story I began with, I couldn't pass a homeless person without giving the person what they requested. 

One day, a gentlemen who I've seen and given to plenty of times outside of a store, was insisting on getting my attention this day.

I didn't have my wallet on me, I use Apple Pay most of the time, so I only had my phone. I left my wallet in the car, so when I came out, I had to go to my car and get money for the gentlemen. 

He really insisted I come to him, I could hear the urgency in his voice. This day, he told me about his situation, I was really choked up about it and knew right then it was time. All of the other times, ideas came to my mind as to how I could possibly help, but the time wasn't right, that day I knew what I needed to do.

His People His Way Ministries Inc Manifested. HPHW is a non-profit organization formed to help make a difference in the life of those who are homeless, human trafficked, in a domestic and sexual violence situation, refugees of the Caribbean and African territories and those in extreme poverty in the same territories. 

These are challenging situations, but I'm called to help make a difference through the love of Christ. 

Join HPHW in the path of hope, love and support to people who need us, people who need to know people care and know there is a better life ahead. A life of freedom, safety, equality, a chance to live out their purpose in this life, a life that is so short and so precious. Help Today - Click on Donate or Get Involved.

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