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Approach - Moving The Mission Forward

HPHW Ministries Inc
A C. A. R. E. S. Approach Program

We offer the C.A.R.E.S. Approach Program to existing organizations that help the unhoused and refugee communities, along with those who experience domestic and sexual violence and human trafficking.

Community Involvement - HPHW Ministries Inc partners with organizations who are involved in the community, providing an opportunity for involvement and volunteer work for our Domestic & Sexual Violence (Intimate Partner Violence), Homeless, Human Trafficked and Refugee communities. It's important to take care of our communities near and far. Helping others can take a person’s mind off their own situation, still showing the community they matter, gives hope to those in need. This type of involvement also provides an opportunity to gain transferable skills and experience the joy of helping others.

Awareness - HPHW Ministries Inc believes it's imperative to continue to bring awareness to DSV (IPV), Homelessness, Human Trafficking, Refugees of Caribbean and African Territories and the Extreme Poverty in the same territories. Educating the community at large illuminates these issues with the hope to continue to change hearts and minds to join the cause and help bring an end to these issues that are detrimental to our communities, our country, our world. 

Recreation & Celebratory Activities - HPHW Ministries Inc provides an opportunity to create new memories and celebrate progress. It’s important to celebrate and reflect on progress made in life, especially with family and friends, with others who had similar experiences. The circumstances the targeted population experiences has a lasting effect, it’s important to change the narrative, see and reflect on the good things happening, not only on the bad that occurred. It’s hard to move forward without positive change and reflection, it’s easy to get stuck in the past, sometimes with unforgiveness looming. Scheduling activities, such as a movie/game night or a basketball game with parents’ vs their children can create new memories. Also celebrating progress with a certificate to put on the wall will remind our targeted community of the milestone they made and the hope of making more strides.

Empowerment & Educational Conferences - An event to empower and educate women and their families. Providing a space for hope - Testimonies of survivors is inspirational and gives victims and survivors a lens into what it can look like on the other side of DSV, homelessness, human trafficking, being a refugee or experiencing extreme poverty. The conferences will provide hope, lead by speakers who were in the same shoes of the targeted populations. The guest speakers can possibly provide an insight a therapist may not be able be able to give. To see and learn the story of actual people who live a new life free of their predicament and thriving in life, can speak volumes and be life changing.

Spiritual Support Group – HPHW Ministries Inc seals the deal with love. We will provide twice a month support group sessions with a minister and counselor. Love turned the world upside down, love delivers, love heals, love restores, loves transforms, love unites, loves reveals, love enlightens, love forgives, love saves, love is kind, love is patient, love is hope, love brought us the Savior, Jesus The Christ. God is love and through these group sessions our targeted community will experience the love of God who can change their lives forever, bring them to wholeness filled with peace, the world can't take away. I'm a testament to what God can do.


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